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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday Whacked Comic Cover - The Brave and the Bold #28

Each week on Wednesday we look at a whacked cover, which is a cover that is just a bit weird or strange. This week we look at a whacked cover that is also the cover of a very important Silver Age issue, The Brave and The Bold #28 which is the first appearance of the Justice League of America. It is a highly sought after and very valuable issue. So why is it in our Whacked cover post?

Well in the Justice Leagues First appearance, DC greatest heroes are brought together to fight a giant alien starfish named Starro. Yes they are fighting a starfish which appears on the cover. The Justice League has fought Darkseid, The Legion of Doom, The Crime Syndicate and countless other world menaces, but in their first appearance they fought a starfish. I guess I just always found this a little bit whacky so I have included here as this week Wednesday Whacked Cover.

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