Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Comic Shop Review - Comic Book Jones, Staten Island

Comic Book Jones is the comic shop that you want in your neighborhood. It's where you want to go to pick up your new issues each week. They have everything you could ask for plus a weekly Podcast  that focuses on comics.

The best part of Comic Book Jones is its friendly knowledgable staff. Whether you have been shopping there for years ( with a $1,500 credit) or it is your first visit, you will feel welcome.

High End Merchandise - CBJ carries an assortment of Bowen figure and other high priced statues. They also have some very unique custom made 3D pieces of art based on famous comic book covers. If you look around the ceiling you will see tons of busts and statues, so if you don't see it ask.

Comics - They carry all the current DC, Marvel and other brands plus some local published stuff. The  shelves also have the last couple of months issues behind current months, still at cover price. CBJ also has a large collection of back issues going back as far as Silver Age and they are always getting more older issues. They had almost the entire Amazing Spider-man run not to long ago.

Toys - Tons of Pop! Vinyls, along with all the major comic related toy lines. Lots of Walking Dead stuff. If you don't know what the Walking Dead is get out from under the rock and go find out!Really enjoying the Mego throwback line and TMNT are back!

Other stuff - If it has been released in the last couple of years CBJ has it. T-Shirts, posters, bottle openers dvds, and many other things with all your favorite characters. Who amount us doesn't  need a zombie bottle opener?

Comic Shop Grade = A

CBJ is a nice combination of old school family run comic shop and modern day everything in one place comic store. If you are near the store play them a visit, you will not be disappointed.

Also of note CBJ runs many different sales throughout the year: Wednesdays is 10% everything. Big movie premiers they have a party and pick the sale price which can range between 10% and 60%. Their biggest day is Black Friday, huge sales if you can stand long lines, worth it.

Good luck on your Hunt!

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