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Monday, July 28, 2014

Hunters Showcase - Gathering of Collections

If you have been reading this blog, which I hope you have, you know that our primary focus is on hunting for comics and comics collectibles. We have dedicated space on this blog to the results of our hunts, which basically is our travels to comic conventions, flea markets, comic shops and anywhere else comic stuff is sold. You can read more on our All Hunters must Travel  page. We also focus on highly sought after comics, like our ongoing "Stories of Action Comics #1".

Here we are going to start a new feature, here at Comic Book Hunter and Gatherers we would like to showcase some of our readers spoils, share what you hunt for, what you have gathered, how you display your collection or results of your best comic hunting trip.

So we want you our loyal readers to share with us. We want to know about you.
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We will break the ice with this feature by showcasing my own collection.
Trade Paperbacks and new comics

Hunter Showcase

I have been collecting comics and comic related collectibles for a good part of the last 35 years. Over that time the focus of my hunting trips has changed as the places I hunt have also.

Conventions and shops used to be much different then they are now. Conventions weren't as big and consisted of mostly comics while comic shops sold pretty much only comics. Collectibles were usually found in toy stores.
Flash toys

Today my hunting trips focus mainly on Flash comics and collectibles, late 1980/ early 1990's titles (such as Justice League America and Europe, Firestorm, Green Lantern and X- Force),  Late 1970's Marvel titles (Power Man & Iron Fist, Invaders, Defenders etc.) and Justice Unlimited Figures.
My Flash Figure Collection

I go to as many comic conventions as I can both big, like New York Comic Con ( was at the first one) and Small like the Asbury Park con (@Asburycomicon). The thing I enjoy most is going to the conventions with my two daughters, they also hunt for comic related stuff. There is a method to a successful hunt at a convention you can read all about it HERE.

I also go to comic shops anywhere I am no matter what else I am doing. I enjoy the differences in each one.

I am always looking for low #ed issues of The Flash (only need 30 more) and trying to complete the Justice League Unlimited action figure collection. The JLU stuff holds a special place because me and my youngest daughter collect them together. It's always a special event when we put another figure on our shelf. It's our trophy ceremony.

I really enjoy the thrill of the hunt, it's a great feeling when you find that special piece you have been looking for. This in its essences of why we all collect.

So hopefully you get the picture here so take some photos and send us some information about your hunting. Email us at, we may have questions to clarify your information.