Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Comic Shop Review - The Portal, Bethlehem

It doesn't take long to realize once you enter the Portal in Bethlehem, PA that the store is more focused on gaming and gaming related items the it is on comic books. Many of the comic shops that we have visited have a selection of gaming material and an area that can be used for gaming. The games we most often see are Magic the Gathering and Warhammer. Although we have never played these ourselves we do understand why so many people enjoy it.

We mention gaming because the Portal was the most gaming focused store we have been in so far. Not much in the way of comics and nothing in the way of comic book collectibles.

Comics - A very small collection of back issues, all from the last year or so. No back issues from 80's or 90's. the new comic book selection was very sparse also, didn't see any variant covers or higher value issues.

Toys - We did not see any comic book related toys. You know how much we like the comic book toys, it just enhances a shops overall feel.

The Portal did have a nice selection of graphic novels, which were displayed on a graphic novel spinner rack (I have to get one of these for my collection).

Maybe over time they will increase there back issue and toy collection but for now The Portal is not a place that an be used for any hunting purposes.

Comic Shop Grade - D

If you are into gaming as well as comics worth a visit if you are nearby, if not then no reason to go there hunting for comics.

Good Luck in Your Hunt!

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