Friday, July 4, 2014

Comic Shop Review - Zap! Comics, Orlando

When you enter Zap! comics in Orlando Florida a life-size Yoda statue greets you at the door, looking like he is ready to battle Count Dooku. Be careful not to get him angry.

Zap! is a very welcoming shop. Comic characters are penciled into the walls and it looks like you are inside a comic book. Walls are very DC Universe heavy, Batman, Superman and the Flash to name a few.

The store carry's  the regular run of current toy lines, including some high end figurines. They have all the latest titles and trade paper backs. The display of the new issues is one of the best I have seen. An entire wall is lines with black metal basket shelves and all the titles are lined up across. Could DC comics have more Batman titles right now.

Not to much in the way of back issues, a couple of boxes in the back of the store but mostly recent issues, no silver or Bronze Age stuff here.

I was impressed with a Deathstroke helmet they had for sale. I have never seen the piece before and am planning of doing more research to find out where I can get one at a reasonable price. It looked like the owners of the store defeated one of Slade Wilson's soldiers during the battle of Starling city and kept his helmet.  I need me of these.

Zap! Also has a nice selection of art prints showing characters as their alter egos and as the hero. Yet another item I have never seen before, if they had a Flash one I would have bought it. These really looked great. This is why I love visiting new comic shops you never know what you'll find that you didn't know existed.

Comic Shop Grade = B

We didn't buy anything on this hunt not because we didn't see anything we liked it was just most of the stuff was new or a little out of our price range. We did learn about some new things which is always good, always learning and improving our craft.

One of the best things about Zap! was its soda machine. It was a replica of the TARDIS, we are big Doctor Who fans. The sodas in the machine had a Doctor Who spin to them. This is the best looking soda machine I have ever seen, a truly unique idea.

Good luck on your hunt!

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