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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Salute to the Troops - Amazing Spider-Man #574

Here we are another Sunday and as we do every Sunday here at CBHG we salute our fine men and woman of the military. This week we look at a recent issue of the Amazing Spider-Man.

In Amazing Spider-Man #574, Marvel comics uses a well-known character from Spider-Man to pay homage to the soldiers fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Flash Thompson has been a supporting character since the beginning, first as Peter Parker's High School bully then as Spider-Mans biggest fan. The title of issue #574 is WHATEVER HAPPENED TO FLASH THOMPSON? It looks at Flash fighting the war in the Middle East and how Spider-Man inspired him to keep going on.

Not sure if there is a better way to salute the troops then by taking an existing character and using him as a reflection on the troubles and triumphs a soldier faces. Writer Marc Guggenheim summed up a soldiers struggles best with this line from Flash Thompson "don't need a medal, sir. Not to remind me to do the right thing, at least. Truth is, I've been lucky to know people whose example reminds me every day"

So if your sitting around today and you have nothing else to do go out and pick up Amazing Spider-Man #574. Worth the read.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!