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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Comic Shop Review - Ray & Judy's Book Stop

Sometimes when you first enter a new comic shop your expectations aren't n very high, then you go in and are so suprised that when you leave you can not wait to go back. Ray & Judy's Book Stop is much more than a bookstore it is a wonderful mom and pop comic shop. The store is loaded with used books, yes real books but also tons of new and old comics, comic toys and pez. Pez you say, Ray & Judy have the largest Pez display I have seen since visiting the Pez Museum.

The store is made up of three seperate rooms just filled with stuff, that's what happens when your in business for 29 years. I have a very high regard for those comic shops that survived the big bust of the early 1990's, it isn't hard to see why Ray & Judy's has not only survived but strives. Two words many comic shops do not know very well, Costumer Service. Ray really made you want to come back, friendly and helpful.

This shop is worth a visit to Rockaway, NJ. Plus there is a Cupcake Wars winner right around the corner.

So is Ray and Judy's Book Store a place to hunt for comics and comic collectibles. I think you already know the answer.

Comics - All the new titles with copies from the last few months stacked near the register. Pi led up a blank cover Grayson #1, will be using it to get a commission at NYCC. They also have a bunch of back issues, priced at half off cover. We finally hunted down a Rogues Revenge #1 to finish the series. Back issues bins were set up by publisher, DC, Marvel, Dark Horse and everyone else.

Toys - Old and new toys showcased all over the walls, hanging from the ceiling and in glass cases. Even had some things I had never seen before, like a stuffed Allan Scott Green Lantern doll. Prices are all within reason. Unfortunately no Justice League Unlimited Figures, he hunt continues.

Other stuff - Along with the biggest collection of Pez this side of the Pez Museum, Ray & Judy's also had a nice selection of Eaglemoss figures and collectible cards. My daughter bought a pack of Thor cards, her favorite movie and pulled an autographed Tom Hiddleston, Loki, card worth about $500.

Comic Shop Grade - A

Ray & Judy's is a perfect example of a mom & pop comic shop run not because of money but because of a love for the hobby, built with good customer service and decades of experience. A nice place to hunt for unique comic collectibles or to buy the latest issues including variants.

Get in your car and drive there today.

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