Tuesday, July 8, 2014

San Diego Comic Con Exclusives - Marvel Comics

Continuing our preview of the upcoming San Diego Comic Con, the granddaddy of all comic cons, we review the Marvel comic exclusives you will want to hunt down while you are there.

The Infinity Gauntlet will play a big role in the upcoming Marvel Movie releases starting with Guardians of the Galaxy. Hasbro will have an exclusive Infinity Gauntlet action figure set that includes a replica of the glove. It will cost you $75 and will include 3.75″ figures of Nebula, Starfox, Thanos and his unrequited love Mistress Death

Continuing in the Thanos themed Hasbro will also have a Thanos Imperitive figure set also. This set will sell for $99 and will include 6" Marvel Infinite scale takes on Black Bolt, Medusa, Gladiator, Blastaar and Star-Lord.

If there is any left over inventory following the show they can be orders online at Hasbro Toys, so if you can't make the show you might still be able to get the treasure.

Funko will have 86 different SDCC exclusives, yes 86. From their Marvel line they will be selling Marvel Mystery Mini mates and there is a Thanos figure, suprise! I am guessing these will not be exclusive but premiering at SDCC. Here is complete list of figures. Some very cool 2.50" action

- Galactus
- Thor

- Scarlet Witch

- Dark Phoenix

- Loki w/staff
- Deadpool
- Spider-Man
- Dr. Doom
- Deadpool w/guns
- Thanos
- Ultron
- Green Goblin
- Punisher 
- Hulk
- Loki
- Silver Surfer

Funko will also have a Pop Vinyl exclusive flocked Rocket Raccoon from Guardian of the Galaxy.

An exclusive Iron ManWar Machine christmas ornament. Let War Machine protect your presents!

Hot Toys
Another Iron Man exclusive, this one from Hot Toys is from Iron Man 3. The python Mark XX was seen during the final battle scene when all the Iron Man armors were fighting. Ticket price on this new suit is $220. Add it to your Iron Man Legion.

Diamond Select
The theme for Diamond Selects SDCC exclusives this year is based on the blockbuster movie X-Men Days of Futures Past and its link to the original comic story. See our full preview HERE.


Monogram International 
Monogram international will also have a tree piece Incredible Hulk vinyl bank set, the set includes Green, Grey and Red versions of the Hulk. It is limited to only 200 pieces and can be picked up at booth #3645. Who doesn't want a RULK bank in their collection?

Original Spider-woman Artfx statue can be preordered so you don't miss out, Visit shop AFX, limited to 800 pieces and priced at 

You can also preorder a classic Physlocke With an entirely new colorway based on her classic X-Men outfit and a newly sculpted psi-energy field wrapping around her am and katana this rendition of Psylocke is the latest Bishoujo statue to be offered exclusively to attendees of the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. Strictly limited to 1500 pieces.

Treasure Island Sports 
Another Kotobukiya exclusive will be the ArtFx Grey Hulk which will be sold at the Treasure Island Booth #5030. The two stores are teaming up to being fans the Hulk they have been waiting for. You can preorder at Treasure island website to guarantee one for your collection. $75 and its yours to display.

Trend Setters
Finally this Loki mini film cell from Thor 2 The Dark World. Limited to just 150 pieces. This is for all the Loki fans out there, you didn't think SDCC would leave you out did you. This will also be the hardest exclusive to get, limited to only 150. Run to Trend Setters as soon as you get there.
If anyone is attending SDCC and would like to arrange trades for NYCC exclusives, is m looking for a trade partner. Email me

Good luck on your SDCC hunt! Take out a loan to purchase all these exclusives.WOW!

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