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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Comic Shop Review - Hypnotronic Comics, NY

Sometimes when you walk into a comic shop for the first time everything just looks right. When you first enter Hypnotronic Comics located on Staten Island, NY, you know you're  in one of those rare comic shops. The kind of shop that has old and new comics and toys, rare items along with the stuff you see everyday. The walls are covered in toys from days gone by.

Hypnotronic is the kind of comic shop where you know the owner puts great care into it and it's not hard to tell that they are collectors as well as dealers. If you have been buying comics for any length if time you know what we mean. If you are new check out Hypnotronics and you'll see what we mean.

Some of the items were just really cool to see, like the old Superman squeaky doll.

Or the They Live mask. Still Rowdy Roddy Pipers best work, well except for Wrestlemania 1.

So how is Hypnotronic Comics in way of huntability. You might guess already what we are going to say.

Comics- A nice selection of back issues ranging in price from $2 and up, most of the bins are $4 ans up. The up was some really good deals on key issues on various titles. Picked up two Old Justice League of America issues #121 and 147. They also had a wall full of new issues, all the titles you would want. Plus they have an old spinner rack, rarely seen in comic shops any more.

Toys - The best part of Hypnotronic Comics is their selection of toys, many older action figures and other items. It always impresses us when a toy store has carded toy biz figures from the early 1990's. they also had a box of old wrestling figures. If you collect toys you should take a trip here, it is walking distance from the Staten Island ferry and well worth the trip.

Other stuff - The shop also had a strong focus on horror related collectibles, many masks and statues. You can also get books (comic related), t-shirts, buttons, key chains, cards and almost anything else you would want.

Comic Shop Grade = A

For a small shop they packed a lot of comic and collectible punch. Reminded us of one of the old school comic shops, a mom and pop type store where care goes into everything they sell and do. The inventory was representative of items from all eras of collecting. They had the first tower of Funkos i have ever seen. Basically visit here when you get a chance, you are sure to find something to add to your collection.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!