Sunday, July 6, 2014

Comic Shop Review - Coliseum of Comics, Orlando

When most of us think of a comic book store located in a large retail mall, we think of a shop that is there to appeal to the masses, not specifically comic book hunter/gatherers. There is nothing wrong with this at all, the more people that get involved in comics the better it is for all of us.
With that being said, Coliseum of Comics is not your typical mall comic shop.

Located in the Fashion Square Mall in Orlando, FL the shop has a large selection of high end statues, toys, comics, new and old and other comic merchandise. 

High-End Merchandise- there were a number of cases located throughout the 6,000 square foot store that contained bust and full statues of many Marvel and DC heroes. These statues look great no matter where you see them, Coliseum presents them in a much better manner then most shops. I actually wanted to buy the entire Iron Man shelf.

Comics- Like every other comic shop we have visited recently, Coliseum has all the latest issues and trade paperbacks. They stand above the others with their back issue selection. They had back issues that go back to the Silver Age along with issues from the 80's and mores recent. Bins are set up in alphabetical order, prices are marked on each issue. More valuable issues, the ones we all must hunt for with a full wallet, are hung on a wall above the regular bins. If we had more time I would have went trough all the bins.

Toys - Had a large selection of recent toys from all the major toy lines. Lots of Funko stuff, big fans of the Pop! vinyl figures. This was also the first shop we saw the Joker Sofubi figure, love the mego like packaging Medicom used. If the shop lacked anything it would be older toys. We personally enjoy buying older toys, not everyone does.

Other Stuff - T-Shirts, Posters and other goodies from your favorite comic related characters. Want light saber chop sticks, they got 'em. Need a bottle opener, take your pick. Ice cube trays that look like hero emblems, yeah that to. I always enjoy finding things I never knew existed. We also liked the  comic book presentation outside the store, there are three plant jars painted with superhero. They look like Ancient Greek pottery.

Comic Shop Grade - A

What we gathered on the Coliseum of Comics hunt? Bought a couple of Pop! Vinyl figures and light saber chop sticks, oh yes we did. Would have bought some comics we need to gathere but didn't have our hunting list. Damn you list!

Overall we are very glad we visited Coliseum of Comics, a very nice suprise in Orlando and the last shop we visited in Florida. We will be back again.

Next time your on a hunt in Florida or need a break from Disney take a quick trip to the Fashion Square Mall and spend some cash at the coliseum. Until then check them out on-line Coliseum of Comics web page

Final note, when you take a vacation find some time to visit the areas comic shops, most of time you will not be disappointed you did. After you finish send us your opinion in them.

Good luck on your hunt!

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