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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Comic Shop Review - All-In-One Collectibles, Randolph,NJ

Most comic book and collectibles shops are all very similar, they carry the same basic things; comics, toys, gaming stuff and supplies. Each comic has these items to varying degrees. Every so often we visit a comic shop that carries the usual stuff but also has a specialization that makes it stand out above the rest. All-In-One collectibles is the kind of shop that stands out because of its focus on one type of item. I would consider All-In-One as the headquarters of Heroclix figures. They have more of these little figures then any store we have ever visited. At least four full cases filled with them and they are divided into the different lines.
Full case of Heroclix figures
We seldom mention how much we like this line of collectibles, used primarily for gaming these little figures also have high collectible value. Some if them are very rare but the best thing about them is the multitude of characters offered, both from DC and Marvel comics. There are all the main characters, almost all lower level characters and impressively many not so common characters from comics and moves. If you haven't check these out yet visit Heroclix online.

Now lets look at All-In-One collectibles in terms of huntability.

Comics - Has a very small selection of new comics, store must do mainly list pulls. No area for back issues except for one small box of recent issues.

Toys - Plenty of new and old toys spread throughout the store, recent lines all the wall back to Toy Biz Marvel line. These Toy Biz figures are becoming increasingly hard to find, it is impressive when you see them in a shop.

Other stuff - plenty of gaming items, an entire area of sports cards and memorabilia (autographed, etc.), plus the whole home of the heroclix thing. Seeing all the other stuff made us understand how All-In-One got its name. Really a one stop shop for collectibles.

Comic Shop Grade = B

Although they lack a big comic inventory the amount of different collectibles they sell on top of the fact that tey might have the worlds largest Heroclix collection make it worth a visit, bring your sports collecting friends with you.

As you can tell we like stores that are the best at at least one thing, All-In-One is the best at what they set out to be the best at.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!