Friday, July 18, 2014

Marvel Superheroes #18 - 1st App. Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is set to hit movie theaters on August 1st but where did this Space Odyssey first begin. Marvel Superheroes #18 is the first appearance of the Guardians of the Galaxy and also happens to be one of my favorite issues growing up. When I was young I spent a lot of my time hunting down key first appearances the Guardians always interested me as I had been reading their space adventure through the 1970's, it simple Superheroes in Space,what more could you ask for.

Hunting down a copy of Marvel Superheroes shouldn't be that difficult at this time, you can get a mint condition for about $500. Expect this to go up in value after the movie hits theaters, they almost always do. Marvel Superheroes #18 was created by Arnold Drake and artist Gene Colan. The issue was dated January, 1969. 

A little bit about the issue, in the 31st Century, a group of diverse aliens become freedom fighters. . The founding members are Vance Astro , Charlie-27, Yondu and Matrix. The Guardians were formed to fight the the Badoon, a race that had conquered the Sol system and the Alpha Centauri system. In Marvel comics the home reality of the Guardians of the Galaxy has been designated Earth-691.

Movie version of Guardians of the Galaxy

Comic book version of Guardians of the Galaxy
Keep in mind the only character from Marvel Superheroes set to appear in the movie is Yondu.
First appearances of other characters in the movie; Star Lord - Marvel Previews #4, Groot - Tales to Astonish #13, Rocket Racoon - Marvel Previews #7, Drax the Drestroyer - Iron Man - #55 and Gamora - Strange Tales #180

So get on out there and hunt down a copy of each of these issues for yourself.
If you would like to read a copy of Marvel Superheroes #18 before the movie comes out, you can get a digital copy for $1.99.

Good Luck on your Space Hero Hunt!

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