Monday, July 7, 2014

Comic Shop Review - Jay & Silent Bobs Secret Stash, Red Bank

Last month we went on a hunt to Jay & Silent Bobs Secret Stash, you can read about that hunt HERE.

This week we review the huntability of the shop. Is it a place you can walk away with treasure?

It is by far the most well known comic book shop in the world, it has its own television show. It is also owned by the most famous comic book fan, Kevin Smith.

It has its merits, you can actually buy items that were seen on the show, which is cool. Especially the large Millennium Falcon.

If you are a comic book collector you need to visit it once and if you pick the right day you might see one of the famous Comic Book Men. I meet Walt on my visit.

High End Merchandise - The Secret Stash carries many older and new items, including Bowen bust and statues.

Comics - they carry all the current titles and have. Nice selection of back issues, some very rare. One of the best things about the comic display is they have some on old spinner racks. Spinner racks were used many years ago in drug stores to display a bunch of comics, seeing them today brings back memories to us older hunters.

Toys - A very large collection of both new and old toys, they get a lot of toys on the show. They also have the largest collection of Jay and Silent Bob toys and collectibles.

Other stuff - if you are a fan of Kevin Smith, his movies and Comic Book Men you are missing out if you don't visit The Secret Stash. They have plenty of stuff for sale relating to Smith but they also have lots of movie memorabilia. One of the prime pieces is the Buddy Jesus from the movie DOGMA.

You can also see the table where many of Kevin Smiths Smodcast originate from, if you aren't listening yet you should be.

Comic Shop Grade - B+

Absolutely worth the visit if you are a true comic book fan. Take some time after to walk around Red Hook, it is a nice area with lots of things to do and see. Make a day of your hunt.

Good Luck in your Hunt!

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