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Monday, July 21, 2014

Amazing Fantasy #15 - White Mountain Copy

In a recent post we looked at the most important Silver Age comic, Amazing Fantasy #15 which contains the first appearance of Spider-Man. Much like Action Comics #1 Amazing Fantasy #15 also has some significant copies that have been newsworthy based on either their grade or their pedigree. The most well known of these is the White Mountain copy which is a CGC NM 9.4 The comic is a gem all around, the highest known grade of Amazing Fantasy in existence.
This mint copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 sold at auction for $227,000.

About the White Mountain Collection
Unlike the Action Comics #1 we have looked at in prior posts, the White Mountain collection is not as well known. This is primarily because the White Mountain collection of comic books, originating out of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, is made up of Silver Age comics. many believe It is the greatest Silver Age collections to appear and it includes many diverse publishers and titles, The collection contains approximately 5,000 books, which spanned the years 1948 into the early 1970’s. The collection contains most of the DC science fiction books. Back at this time in comic book history, which started with the reintroduction of the Flash in Showcase #4, science fiction became the driving force in many titles, as shown by the new origin of the Flash (to be detailed in a later post).
The fantastic quality of these comic books, are the result of the comics being kept in metal storage and were never read by the owner. Like the Amazing Fantasy #15 the Comics Guaranty Corporation (CGC) has graded many of the key Silver Age issues contained within the collection as the highest grade known for that particular comic.

Not sure if the pricing on this is affordable to most hunters but just seeing one of these would be an accomplishment to a skilled hunter, so as always, keep your hunting eyes ready.

Good luck hunting one of these down, I you do find one or own one, send us a photo.

Good Luck on your Hunt!