Thursday, July 3, 2014

Animation Comic Game Hong Kong Fair Exclusives

It's bad enough that we have to try and hunt down exclusive items sold only at specific Comic Conventions located throughout the United States ( still looking for Blue Lantern Flash), now you are going to have to hunt down items from Hong Kong based Animation Comic Game Fair or ACGHK for short.

This year will be the 15th Annual and there will be some awesome exclusive comic book based figures for you to hunt down. These three high end figures are from Hot Toys. Each of the three are 1/6 scale figures.

Directly from the blockbuster movie Iron Man 3 come the Python Armor (Mark XX) figure. This is one of the suits you can see during the final battle of the movie.
Continuing this movie themed line, there will also be Joker Bank Robber version from Batman: Dark Knight. The figure comes with his shotgun, clown mask and a bag full of grenades.
Finally there will be a an Ancient Predator figure from Alien vs. Predator. It comes with a the various weapons used in the movie and a Xenomorph's (Alien) head on a stick.
ACGHK runs from July 25-29th so get your reservations, buy your tickets and get your butt to Hong Kong. This will be an international hunt.
If you are able to attend ACGHK you can pre-order these figures by going to Hot Toys or Clicking here.
You should also check out Hot Toys Online, they have many cool high end movie figures.
Good Luck on your Global hunt.

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