Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Comic Shop Review - Past, Present, Future Comics & Gaming

What we have here is a true comic shop! Past, Present, Future Comics and Gaming has back issues, old and new toys, heroclix, rare high end items and Funko Pop Vinyls. If it has been for sale in the comic book world it is here. A GREAT SHOP.
Located in Lauderhill, FL ( They also have stores in Davie and W. Palm Beach, FL)

They have a ton of back issues and they are arranged in alphabetical order. The boxes included Silver Age, Bronze Age and recent comics. A great selection and priced fairly. The even had some Silver Age Flash comics, we didn't have our list with us. Damn you list!

Get your Funko Pop Vinyl!, an entire wall dedicated to these whimsical figures, every type you could want. I need a Chuckie doll one, wait does it come to life at night to,stalk me and my family, I'll pass.

PPF also has some old toys, no Justice League Unlimited figures, but they did have old Toy Biz X-Men stuff. Haven't seen them on the shelfs for a long time, brought back some great toy store hunting memories.

Their selection of high end figures included many Bowen Figures is fantastic. Looking at so many of these figures together you can see how much work goes into the detail of each character. We do not own any of these yet, but I did see a 1960's Captain Marvel I might need to add to my collection

The high end items didn't stop with Bowen figures there were also scale models of Thor's hammer and helmet, Dr. Dooms mask and Red Hoods mask (awesome). My daughter was going crazy for the Thor helmet. She is a hunter in training.

One of the most Amazing aspects of PFF is the entrance, a life-size Incredible Hulk and Silver Surfer are standing on either side of the door to greet you. Shoplifters get smashed by the Hulk.

This is a shop you should consider taking a hunting trip to, worth the time and travel!

Things gathered on this hunt = 0 (saving for Thor Helmet)

Comic Shop Grade = A

Good luck on your hunt! Visit Past, Present, Future Comics and Gaming if you are in the area.

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