Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Comic Shop Review - Famous Faces and Funnies, Melbourne FL

We will be looking at some comic book shops we recently visited in Florida, starting with Famous Faces and Funnies Comics and Toys. Located in Melbourne Florida the store is large, both in space and inventory.

One of the things I liked most about FFF is they carry a lot of older toys. If you have visited most any comic shop lately older toys do not hold any shelf space. FFF is not the norm. I picked up a Justice League Unlimited 3-pack for $12. They also had a bunch of old Star Wars and Star Trek toys. Plus many new Toys from Marvel, DC and of course Walking Dead.

FFF also had a large selection on Funko POP Vinyl figures. All the different lines Funko is currently putting out are here: DC, Marvel, Disney, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, movies, TV and cartoons. A great place to find that one Pop! Vinyl you missed. I picked up a Darkseid I have been searching for,two cons and three shops.

If your looking for back issues and current issues FFF has these to. Many boxes of back issues in title order reasonable priced. Got a New Mutants #100 for $2.

How was the hunt? A genuinely good place to hunt old toys and ack issues. We found a couple of toys and comics we were looking for. The Pop! Vinyl Darkseid was a big find as was the Justice League Unlimited 3-pack (Superman, Amazo and Star Man).

It is worth a visit if you are hunting anything old or new.

Thing gathered on this hunt = 3

Comic Shop Grade = B+

Finally I am not sure why everyone doesn't have a stuffed Mr. Mxyzptlk in their collection. Go out and get one right now. It's worth the $12. Just don't say his name backwards because he will disappear.

Take a trip to Famous Faces and Funnies Comics and Games
Enjoy your hunt!

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