Monday, July 14, 2014

Comic Shop Review - Encounter Comics & Games, Allentown

Located in Allentown, Pennsylvania Encounter Comics & Games reminded me of a comic convention within in a store. Along with all the current issues, there were a bunch of different priced comic bins, a nice selection of high dollar comics and older toys throughout the store. The store has been around for over 30 years and their back issue collection shows it.

When you enter the shop you are greeted by the zombie girl from the first episode of the Walking Dead, yeah the one with the stuffed rabbit. I enjoy when a store does that little something extra when you enter. Toys all around the walls, loads of back issues and entire area dedicated to variant covers. I am it sure you will find a better store in Pennslyvania.

High End Merchandise - Encounter has many valuable comics showcased on the back wall of the store. There were many Silver Age comics and more recent key issues. When you see this in a comic shop this means two things. first they have been open for a number of years and second, they buy collections. The reason I mention this is that many shops do not carry these types of back issues. This is also why I compare the store to a comic convention. The shop also had some higher end collectibles, I really like the Iron Man bust set, would be a great display piece.

Comics - Along with the nice selection of valuable comics Encounter also has a huge selection of back issues placed throughout many different priced bins. They have $1.50 bins, fifty cent bins and even the rare dime bins (haven't seen a dime bin in a long time). They also have an entire variant cover area, I have never seen this in a comic shop. Spending some time hunting through the back issue bins is worth it. As with most other comic shops Encounter also carries all current titles, again lots of variant covers from the most recent issues.

Toys - Old toys, new toys and toys in between. Any comic shop that has a Will Smith action figure from the movie Wild Wild West has a serious variety of toys. They had many old toys from toy biz, and Hasbro. Most comic shops do not dedicate enough space to old toys we should visit the ones that do.

Comic Shop Grade - A

Encounter Comics & Games has the perfect mix of old and new comics and toys. It really is like a comic convention in a store. You should set aside some time and plan a visit to Encounter, it is worth it. Truly a great place to hunt for back issues and old toys, bring some $ with you.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!

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